How cashless parking works

RingGo lets you pay for your parking without coins, you just need a payment card and a phone or pc.

You can register for RingGo on the sign up page or when you want to park.

The next time you use RingGo

You then confirm:

  • The vehicle you want to park

  • The location

  • How long you want to stay

  • Your payment card security code

The 1st time you use RingGo ...

Online or on the phone you will be asked:

  • Your number plate, the colour and make of your vehicle

  • The location you're parked in

  • How long you want to stay

  • Your payment card details

How else can I use RingGo

A small convenience charge is made at many locations. Please check our Parking Calculator for details.

Can I get a VAT receipt?

Download VAT receipts or give us your e-mail address and we'll send them every time you park.

Isn't a ticket required?

No ticket is needed. Parking attendants look up your number plate on their handheld and check you are parked with RingGo.

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