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RingGo Text to Park Terms & Conditions

By using the RingGo Text to Park service, you automatically agree to the following Terms and Conditions*:

- It is your responsibility to send us the right text message format to the right telephone number or SMS shortcode in order to park your vehicle and it is also your responsibility to check that a parking session has been created.

- As the mobile network does not guarantee delivery of text messages in a timely manner, we do not provide any guarantee that we will park you within a certain time period of the text message being sent. We will commit to park you from the time we receive the text message from the mobile network.

- Although we ignore duplicate text messages received within 5 minutes of each other, no payment refunds will be given if you or your mobile network operator sends us multiple text messages which may result in more than one parking session being created.

- As the mobile network does not guarantee delivery of text messages in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee delivery of any reply text messages.

- Before sending subsequent text to park messages, should you be in any doubt as to whether or not a parking session has been created, you must call the RingGo automated parking line for confirmation instead of waiting for a text message response as we cannot guarantee that the mobile operator will deliver the response to you in a timely manner.

- Once we receive a valid text to park request, we will send you a text confirming whether or not you have successfully parked. This text is automatically charged at an additional 10 pence**.

In the event that a reply text is not received within 5 minutes of your request being sent, we would urge you to call 020 3046 0010 (or 020 7125 9090 in Westminster) to make payment and limit the potential of receiving a parking fine. Any delayed request (if received) can later be requested in the form of a refund.

*Full RingGo Terms and Conditions can be found here.

**Text message fees may vary by parking location.

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